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Nykarleby KDS - Karate Do Shotokai

About Nykarleby KDS
What is KDS
Instructors / Contact
NKDS was founded in 1994 by Patrik Hautanen and Henry Eklund, Jari Lähdesluoma also attended regularly for several years to activity trying to build the new group. The amount of active members varies from 15-30. We practice together 3 times a week. Of course people practice more on their own…

NKDS is situated in Nykarleby, Finland, and it belongs to Finland KDS, the umbrella organization of all the KDS clubs in Finland. Patrik Hautanen 5th dan is main instructor in NKDS.

National courses are being held approximately 6-8 times a year, we also arrange course together with Estonian KDS and attend to their courses 3-4 times a year. We also try to attend courses in the UK every year, of course with Sensei Harada as our principal teacher.

Practise hard and often! That's our motto!

Practicetimes and location

Tuesday 1900-2030

Thursday 1900-2030

Sunday 1900-2030

All practices are in Gymnasiet

The KDS is an organization committed to practicing and teaching Karate-do as taught by Master Mitsusuke Harada and the style is open to anyone with a genuine interest in learning karate.

The KDS™ is directly overseen by Master Mitsusuke Harada, who is, the Principal Instructor of the KDS™ Organization. The KDS™ was established in the U.K. in 1965 by Master Mitsusuke Harada. The Chrysanthemum logo and the KDS™ abbreviation are the officially recognized trademarks (TM) of Master Mitsusuke Harada's Organization, the KDS™.

No other martial arts group should use either of these two legal trademarks, especially in relation to Master Harada and his practice.
Only those affiliated to the KDS™ have technical links with Master Harada.
Others using the Shotokai name have no technical links with the KDS™.


More about KDS?

If you want to lear more about KDS then visit Finland KDS homepage, there you find more details of the practice itself, about Sensei Harada and also get all contact info links to all the other KDS clubs in Finland.

Patrik Hautanen 5 Dan

Email: viking (at) multi.fi

Boris Sundell 2 Dan

Emma Wester 2 Dan

Email: emma.wester (at) finlandkds.com


Simon Häggblom 1 Dan

Email: heggi84 (at) hotmail.com

Sture Sundqvist 1 Dan

Henry Eklund 1 Dan

Webmaster: Jari Lähdesluoma