Nykarleby KDS

NKDS was founded in 1994 by Patrik Hautanen and Henry Eklund. Jari Lähdesluoma also attended regularly for several years in order to build the new group. The amount of active members varies from 15 to 30. We practice three times a week in the club. Many practice more on their own…

NKDS is situated in Nykarleby, Finland, and it is part of Finland KDS, the umbrella organization of all of the KDS clubs in Finland. Patrik Hautanen, 5th Dan, is the main instructor of NKDS. Sensei Harada is the leader of KDS. 

We take part in around 4-6 karate courses in Finland per year, and we visit almost as many courses in Estonia. We also try to visit courses annually in the UK. Sensei Harada normally visits courses in Finland and Estonia twice per year. Some club members travel to many more countries for courses and our club instructor, Patrik Hautanen, instructs at different courses abroad.

Practice hard and often! That's our motto!



Patrik Hautanen 5 Dan          viking (at) multi.fi

Simon Häggblom 2 Dan       heggi84 (at) hotmail.com


Practice times

Tuesday 1900-2030

Thursday 1900-2030

Sunday 1900-2030


All practices are held in Topeliusgymnasiet i Nykarleby, unless something else is stated on the door.