The technical executive are formed from the senior and active members of the FKDS and are responsible for the teaching and technical development of KDS karate as guided by Harada Sensei in Finland.


Patrik hautanen

Patrik Hautanen, 5th dan ”Karate is mental and physical practise”

Born: 1970

Profession: Teacher 

Good quality of life as well as mental and physical training in a fantastic atmosphere together with a lot of interesting characters from all over the world. Practise, recreation with family and friends, hunting, fishing and dogs (I have six of those) all form the base of my “Carpe Diem” lifestyle.

 Jari Lähdesluoma

Jari Lähdesluoma, 5th dan "My life circles around Karate"

Born: 1972

Profession: Sales manager

I started to practise karate 1988 at an age of 15 and I have practised regularly ever since and I got my black belt in 1993. Nowadays I am the head instructor in the AVKDS - Åbo Akademi i Vasa KDS club in Vasa. Karate is fascinating since there are always possibilities to develop yourself and take the practise to the next level.

Emma Wester

Emma Wester, 3rd dan ”Karate gives positive energy”

Born: 1979

Profession: Project coordinator

I started to practice karate during my secondary school years when my interest in horses and equestrian faded. Karate gave me new inspiration and today karate has a central role in my life. Practising gives me positive energy that enables me to face every other challenge in life. I find that that it is often in the dojo that I face the most demanding situations. Over time the friends I have found through practise is becoming more important in my life.