Timo Harju

Timo Harju ”Karate is a challenge”

Born: 1984

Profesion: Student

Ever since childhood there have been a lot of sports in my life, everything from gymnastics to Ping-Pong, ice hockey and basketball. Floor ball was a long-time favourite and so also swimming. I wanted to try something new and had no previous experience of martial arts. One of my friends had started to practise karate and he encouraged me to try it out. It suited me perfectly, especially as I had moved to a new city to pursue my studies.

My first training session did not meet my expectations as I had not foreseen the relaxed atmosphere at all. In parallel with my karate practise I continued with several other sports and when I performed my mandatory military service I had a longer pause in all practise, but when I returned to my studies the karate practise gradually got an increased role in my life.

Karate has taught me to control my body and the practise is a continuous challenge as progress does not happen within one week or even within one month. The personal development comes with the years and it is great to still get moments of revelation even though it is almost ten years since I first stepped into the Dojo. Even though I am still developing myself I also have the pleasure of seeing other people makes progress in my role as a teacher. 

In addition to this Karate is a good counterweight to my studies in psychology and my career as drummer in the band Synestesia!