Hanna Lähdesluoma

Hanna Lähdesluoma ”Karate is fun”

Born: 1985

Profession: Language teacher

I have always had a small fascination with martial arts but previously I have mostly been keeping myself active with ultimate Frisbee, volleyball, basketball and by going to the gym. When I started my studies to become a language teacher (French and English) at the University I finally had the chance to try Karate. Inspired by some of my colleagues at my summer job I started to search for a suitable club. The KDS club seemed to have good values without strict rules of conduct and strange semi-religious activities.

I felt right at home from the start. In the beginning I was unsure what I liked the most, the practise or the people in the club. Everybody was helpful and nice. I also had the possibility to practise with other people than other beginners and the more experienced people in the club were most helpful. The philosophy in the club was to share your experience and this proved to be true also in practise.

The practise is challenging and long-term, transparent and honest. It is immensely fun to experience when the pieces fall into place and you notice that you are able to do something that seemed impossible earlier. If I look at it from a physical perspective my muscles are stronger (especially the legs) and my balance and stamina has improved a lot. Over time I have also noticed that my punches, kicks and blocks have also improved.

The training sessions are marked by good companionship and high spirits. This is also true for the training courses with the other KDS clubs in Finland. Training courses are arranged often and has given me many new friends both in Finland and abroad. An additional bonus is that I can forget about my everyday duties during practise!