Boris Sundell

Boris Sundell ”Karate is a lifelong learning”

Born: 1955
Profession: Director of Cultural Services

I was looking for a suitable martial art and what I found in Sensei Haradas karate immediately sparked my interest. That a man in his age could exhibit something that easy and soft but still so explosive and focused made a very strong impression.

Earlier I devoted myself to running and to shooting; nowadays I practise karate three times a week. I still run and ski in addition to practising karate to get both aerobic and anaerobic activity for my body. I also appreciate being in the archipelago, spending time at my summer cottage, fishing and going on a hike every now and then as this provides true quality of life. 

Karate is a challenging sport and a lifelong learning. You never get fully learned, there is always something new to discover. Not thinking actively about what you should do but instead train the body to do something instinctive is a struggle and at the same time an interesting paradox in the practise.

In our karate practise one can find body awareness, relaxation, softness, movement, flexibility, intuition, companionship, concentration and explosiveness. When you are practising the body should stay calm but your mind should be focused and alert. This is the perfect counterweight to a stressful work and is a good way to develop yourself within any area of expertise. Karate is, in other words, a true Martial Art.

The practise is versatile and gives a good base. Since my running days my muscles have changed radically, nowadays I manage with a shorter warm-up and I am not as prone to muscle tension. The overall occurrence of injuries is also very low. I find it amazing that it is possible to train as hard and at the same level as much younger persons. In my opinion this kind of karate gives me the possibility to train and develop myself for years to come!

Companionship is a very important part of our style of karate, in the practise we help each other to improve and to try out new methods while giving each other honest feedback. We always practise together with our partner and not against him or her. As an additional bargain one gains new friends and gets new experiences by participating in training courses both in Finland and abroad. Participating in training courses also allows one to partake of Sensei Haradas technique through personal practise is something that cannot be described but has to be experienced. The social part of the courses is also a very important part of the experience.